A Professional Service for Restaurant Fitouts in Sydney

When it comes to refurbishing a restaurant, there are a huge number of considerations that must be taken on board. First and foremost, you will want to be sure that hygiene and the safety of your customers are well managed, and you’ll want to be sure that everything is in place to make it as comfortable as possible. You want it to be an attractive space with a well-curated atmosphere that makes your customers want to stay and enjoy their time.

But the skills and designs required of new restaurant fitouts in Sydney do not always come cheap, and where they do, quality and durability are likely to suffer. Beautiful and robust materials, high-grade paint, and elegant electrical fittings can all drive up costs; that’s all before mentioning the costs of labour. In short, it is not a task to be taken lightly, and you’ll need the support of experts to make sure it all comes together.

Why Choose BTF Projects For Restaurant Fitouts in Sydney

Our team has the experience and the expertise to offer Sydney restaurant fitouts of the highest quality and durability. Since 2007 we’ve worked with all kinds of hospitality venues and business premises and have a forensic understanding of the challenges that restaurants can face when refurbishing. What’s more, we know that each restaurant has individual needs and specific requirements that no others do.

We’ll need to know what it will take to maximise functionality and productivity when it comes to your interior design and how your restaurant can adhere to the health and safety framework in place to keep your customers safe. As part of our research, we will look at:

  • Hygiene methods already in place – so that our refit will fall in line with your already excellent safety standards.
  • Seating arrangements – our designers can put together an optimum seating plan to make sure you are getting the most covers for your space.
  • Furniture design – chairs, tables and other furniture built up for comfort and visual appeal.
  • Temperature control – keeping the heat of the kitchen out of your dining area.
  • Eye-catching upholstery – with our brilliant interior designers, we’ll work out the right colours, artwork and fittings for your restaurant to keep your customers enchanted!

All of this, of course, will be put together in collaboration with you. We employ advanced digital technology to model our designs, so as we progress in the project, you will benefit from an accurate idea of what your refurbishment will look like. Your needs are our business, and we welcome, and indeed will request, your input so that your refit will reflect your brand identity.

In return, we will enlist the support of the area’s best tradespeople. We worked with the most accomplished carpenters, upholsterers, electricians/plumbers and architects and qualified designers in the area, and we’ll bring them to your restaurant fitout in sydney at a competitive rate. We’ll also ensure that your refit will be undertaken with the minimum impact on your business.

Get Started on Your Restaurant Fitout Project Today!

You can get started on your project today simply by filling in a few details on our contact form or giving us a call right now. We’ll ask for as much information as we can get hold of to understand the requirements of your project, and we’ll welcome all your ideas about how you can get the best out of your restaurant refurbishment. We also specialise in retail shop fitouts, interior fitouts, commercial fitouts, office fitouts, industrial fitouts & much more. All you need to do is get in touch with us today!

  • Head Contractor: the client appoints our company to handle the management of the construction project.
  • Lump Sum: the contract is tendered. Following negotiation, the contract is awarded to us.
  • Construction Management: In this scenario the terms are negotiated and a fixed fee is charged to cover preliminaries, overheads and profits.
  • Design and Construct: BTF Projects works in partnership with qualified designers / architects who meet the requirements of the clients
  • Integrated Projects: This involves saving time and money and delivering the project with base building works and fit out projects
BTF Projects offers its services to the following Sectors:
Office, Retail, Hospitality, Institutional, Education, Health Care, Industrial, Hotels & Leisure and Government.
At BTF Projects the types of projects we undertake are:
  • New Office fit out
  • Office Refurbishment
  • Office make good
  • All types of educational Institution new and refurbishment requirements
  • New and Refurbishments to Pubs, Clubs and restaurants
  • Retail fit out
  • Retail roll out programs
  • Base building upgrades and refurbishment
  • Integrated Projects.

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