Seasoned Project Management for Sydney Commercial Fitouts 

If you entrust your commercial fitouts in Sydney to BTF Projects, you’ll have several quality guarantees from us. First, you’ll have levels of experience that are hard to beat in the industry: Our director, Stephen Lever, has been in construction for more than 30 years now, and several of our staff can boast at least a decade as well. You’ll also have security, as we take pride in never exceeding a maximum budget. Next, you can expect versatility from us, as we offer several services that cover every stage of construction management. We do this perfectly within all safety regulations, and we have several accreditations regarding our safety and service standards. Finally, we guarantee less stress than you’d have with any other project management firm because we make sure everything is accounted for.

How do we accomplish all this? Thanks to our time in the industry, we’ve refined our available services to work in varying combinations for any customer we might meet. Every customer receives a different thoroughly considered strategy, but all of our customers can expect the same level of quality. You’ll be aware of everything going on without having to stress about whether it’s going right. 

Our Role For Your Sydney Commercial Fitout Project

We see our role as being the invisible foundation to any customer’s project: We are hardly noticeable, but we’re always putting in effort to make sure everything remains stable and smooth. When the project is finished, we make sure everything is tidy, self-reliant, and accounted for, because the last thing professionals leave behind is loose ends or a mess. 

We look to do this for any client regardless of project size. Your Sydney commercial fitouts might be a quaint little crafts shop or a massive department store; you’ll get the same consideration and level of planning and commitment from us either way. After all, if we’re fully committed to helping you with a small project, that might mean we’ll be kept in mind for any larger ones you plan down the line. 

While we look to independently manage any aspects of the project you want us to handle, whether it be just the construction or heading the whole thing, that doesn’t mean we’ll keep you in the dark. We make sure you’re consulted at every stage and for every major decision, so you can reap all the benefits of leading the project with virtually none of the stress involved therein. If you hire us to help with architecture and design, we put together a team based on your guidelines, and you have the final say on who’s right for the job. 

At the end of the project, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises waiting either. We don’t deliver late, and we don’t go over budget. If you set hard boundaries, we’re always within them. Our strict sticking to cost expectations and deadlines is one of the benefits we’re most proud to offer our clientele. If you’d like to see just how good we are, check out our customer testimonials under “Clients.”

Our Commercial Fitout Services in Sydney

Below is a list of the services we provide: 

  • Lump Sum
  • Head Contractor
  • Design & Construct
  • Integrated Project Delivery
  • Construction Management

For details on each of these, check out our “Services” page. We welcome a call or email if you’d like to discuss details not on the website! 

Contact Us For Your Commercial Fitout Project from Start to Finish

We’re ready to get started. To give us a call, dial +61408630936; if you’d like to see us in person or send a letter, the address to our offices is Unit 7E 17-31-Sunnyside Ave Caringbah NSW 2229.

We also specialise in commercial shop fitouts, commercial interior fitouts, commercial office fitouts & commercial refurbishment projects throughtout Sydney.

  • Head Contractor: the client appoints our company to handle the management of the construction project.
  • Lump Sum: the contract is tendered. Following negotiation, the contract is awarded to us.
  • Construction Management: In this scenario the terms are negotiated and a fixed fee is charged to cover preliminaries, overheads and profits.
  • Design and Construct: BTF Projects works in partnership with qualified designers / architects who meet the requirements of the clients
  • Integrated Projects: This involves saving time and money and delivering the project with base building works and fit out projects
BTF Projects offers its services to the following Sectors:
Office, Retail, Hospitality, Institutional, Education, Health Care, Industrial, Hotels & Leisure and Government.
At BTF Projects the types of projects we undertake are:
  • New Office fit out
  • Office Refurbishment
  • Office make good
  • All types of educational Institution new and refurbishment requirements
  • New and Refurbishments to Pubs, Clubs and restaurants
  • Retail fit out
  • Retail roll out programs
  • Base building upgrades and refurbishment
  • Integrated Projects.

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