Roles and Responsibilities

Every day, each one of us enacts a role at different times of the day. Every time we interact with a customer, we’re fulfilling a promise. BTF Projects recognises this fact and strives to fulfil its responsibilities to all.

Responsibility to clients

At BTF Projects we consider our client to be the most important component in our world. Clients have their own visions for their product and take a lot of risk when they hand over the job to an unknown entity. This of course is true if the client is dealing with an agent for the first time. However, whether the client is a first timer or a repeat customer, the Client’s main role is to give clear instructions on what they require and work in coordination with us to ensure you get what you wanted.
BTF Projects guarantees that:
  • The all our clientsare treated equally irrespective of the size of the project
  • The client is always consulted in every phase of the project
  • Our finished product will be of the highest standard and meet the quality conditions required by the various International Standards Organisations
  • the project will be delivered on time and within the agreed budget

Responsibility to Employees

Our employees are our greatest asset. BTF Projects advanced to great heights thanks to the skills, knowledge and expertise of our employees. Every employee, irrespective of their job status worked hard in every project to uphold our standards. Our staff is our treasure trove which we value greatly. In the future, the experience gained by staff members in project matters is invaluable when dealing with new and challenging projects.

BTF Projects staff cadre includes designers or architects, engineers and construction workers, who are frequently called upon to render their services to various projects. Along with the march to the future, the company believes that with the experiences of our employees, we can introduce more packages for construction and refurbishment and take on more projects from previously untendered sectors.

BTF Projects also assures their employees that they will be provided with the industry’s best safety equipment and tools to enable them to complete their work efficiently. We at BTF Projects are committed to maintaining safety at work and a team environment.

Responsibility to Public

We understand that the general public have to go about their daily work. At BTF Projects our responsibility to the public has not wavered. Whether we work indoors or outdoors we take great care to ensure the safety of the environment and the general public.

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