Our People

Well we at BTF Projects believe that the right mix of qualified and experienced personnel working devotedly and passionately as a team and supporting each other can help make the projects complete successfully everytime.
Any cake maker knows that the right mix of ingredients can make the best cake in the world. Likewise a great team must have the right mix of qualified and experienced people. Throughout the years BTF Projects had a great team working together, bringing in their expertise to the project and delivering the project. Our repeat customers like Jones Lang LaSalle are a testament to this. Our special project team had some unique qualities:
  • They were experts who were specially hand-picked for the project
  • They had extensive experience working in demanding projects
  • They were flexible in their thing, and work schedules
  • They had a clear understanding of the domain and their unique problems
  • They were extremely good in communicating with their co-workers, clients and other personnel
Due to the above, our team at BTF Projects was able to handle several projects including very demanding and technical ones. The knowledge garnered over the years, have served to strengthen BTF Projects helping us to take on projects of different scales from various sectors.
Time and Technology waits for no man and if we do not change, we would fall behind. BTF Projects realized this and a change in the Management was necessitated in order to face the challenges of the future. We at BTF Projects are extremely fortunate to have Mr. Andrew Schepis as our leader.

Mr. Andrew Schepis: Managing Director

Mr. Andrew Schepis, who was formerly the senior Project Manager at BTF Projects has more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry. His clientele came from both the government and the private sector. Andrew has been instrumental in overseeing many multimillion-dollar projects ranging from infrastructure, construction, hospiatility and environmental projects. His many faceted expertises include budgeting, administration of contracts, procuring, purchasing and invoicing. Furthermore, he is adept and skilled in management of construction sites and land development, monitoring and inspecting of all work from start to finish and effective programming. Mr. Andrew’s ability to coordinate with architects, engineer, designers, developers, consultants, contractors, financers, certifiers and officials from the Council is profound, making him the ideal candidate to lead BTF Projects to the future.

Mr. Stephen Lever: Director

Mr. Stephen Lever, who was formerly the Senior Site Manager at BTF Projectsalso has more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry. His clientele also came from both the government and the private sector. Stephen has a broad ‘hands on’ knowledge of the construction industry.In the past his responsibilities have included being responsible and managing multi million dollars sites with up to 200 people on a daily basis. In this he has been able to bring together project goals, design, costs and buildability over numerous successful projects in a safe work environment.

His skills have been honed over many years and are passed on to our site managers to ensure they too deliver the same successful results to all projects managed and overseen by BTF Projects. He takes ownership of every one of our projects giving our clients the comfort that every project has a director’s touch.

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