Looking for Seasoned Help With Your Commercial Refurbishments in Sydney?

There are several risks involved in building; if your costs aren’t perfectly calculated or your contractors aren’t experienced, you risk a project that haemorrhages money for a lot longer than necessary. You also risk missing a safety regulation or certain code (there’s a lot of them to remember), which then costs more money to fix. And there’s always the risk of a project taking longer than expected, which can be its own little nightmare.

With BTF Projects, you risk none of these. We have been involved in project management and handling delicate budgets since the start of the 2000s, and we’ve refined our strategies to make sure we never cost you more than agreed upon. Similarly, if we say a project will be done by a certain date, that’s written in stone as far as we’re concerned; after all, professionals don’t deliver late. Professionals also know the rules and regulations of their trade, so we’re fully accredited by several international safety standards, and all our projects comply fully with health and safety codes. Whether you want a company to act as head contractor or want an integrated project delivery approach, we’re the perfect commercial refurbishment services in Sydney for you. 

A Strategy for Every Commercial Refurbishment Job

Every Sydney commercial refurbishment is different. Yours might involve a café, or it might be for a large retail shop. Size only matters to us insofar as finding the perfect way to complete the project efficiently and cost-effectively; otherwise, no matter how large or small, our level of consideration and dedication is the same. 

Each customer is different as well. Do you want to hire a company you trust to handle all the little details and only consult you for major decisions, or are you looking to have a more active hand throughout the project? Our range of services is ideal for either of these and everything in between. And when we’re done, you won’t even know we were there. 

Below are the services we offer; if you’d like more details on each of these, check out our Services page or give us a call! 

  • Lump Sum
  • Design & Construct 
  • Head Contractor 
  • Integrated Projects 
  • Construction Management

How do We Keep Improving? 

Between our own policy reviews and customer feedback, we never fall behind. Every policy we have is subject to an annual review, and if it doesn’t serve you, the customer, it is no longer relevant or necessary. What about technology? Are we using the latest equipment in the industry? Thanks to our CAD workshop, we are! Anything we use in our projects is cutting-edge, and any advancements we add to our jobs are added with saving you time and money in mind. 

As for international standards, we have our accreditations with AS/NZS 4801, concerning occupational health and safety, ISO 9001, concerning quality management and product delivery, and ISO 14001, concerning environmental safety and management. We also carefully observe all points in the Federal Work Health & Safety Environment Act and State Regulations

Call Us Now to Get Started For Your Commercial Refurbishment Project in Sydney!

We’re ready to dedicate our 60 years of combined experience towards your project, whatever it may be. To give us a call, dial +61408630936. If you’d rather speak in person, you’re welcome to visit our offices at Unit 7E 17-31-Sunnyside Ave Caringbah NSW 2229. We also specialise in office refurbishments in Sydney, office fitouts in North Sydney, office fitouts in Parramatta, office fitouts in Newcastle, office fitouts in Western Sydney & other many other areas throughout Sydney.

  • Head Contractor: the client appoints our company to handle the management of the construction project.
  • Lump Sum: the contract is tendered. Following negotiation, the contract is awarded to us.
  • Construction Management: In this scenario the terms are negotiated and a fixed fee is charged to cover preliminaries, overheads and profits.
  • Design and Construct: BTF Projects works in partnership with qualified designers / architects who meet the requirements of the clients
  • Integrated Projects: This involves saving time and money and delivering the project with base building works and fit out projects
BTF Projects offers its services to the following Sectors:
Office, Retail, Hospitality, Institutional, Education, Health Care, Industrial, Hotels & Leisure and Government.
At BTF Projects the types of projects we undertake are:
  • New Office fit out
  • Office Refurbishment
  • Office make good
  • All types of educational Institution new and refurbishment requirements
  • New and Refurbishments to Pubs, Clubs and restaurants
  • Retail fit out
  • Retail roll out programs
  • Base building upgrades and refurbishment
  • Integrated Projects.

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