BTF Projects is proud to be accredited by various International standards for quality. This denotes our commitment to quality, safety and environment friendly technology in all projects undertaken by us. Our company is fully accredited by ISO 9001, AS / NZS 4801 and ISO 14001.
At BTF Projects we strive hard to ensure that all our clients are satisfied. It is of utmost importance to us that we not only meet their requirements, but our commitment to our work must exceed the trust they have in us. That is a promise and guarantee we give to all our clients irrespective of the size and scope of business.

Our policy on Quality

At BTF Projects we take our responsibilities seriously. We ensure that our company complies with our contractual and legal obligations by keeping all our policies up to date. Every year our policies are reviewed to see if our policies are relevant to our company’s business model.

Our Policy on Safety and Environment

Safety at the workplace and safety from injury are some of the matters that we consider seriously. Our concern for safety extends to the client, the workers, and the general public at large. BTF Projects takes every measure that is necessary to comply with the Federal Work Health & Safety Environment Act and State Regulations.

Policy on Technology

In order to provide our clients the best service, BTF Projects relies heavily on cutting edge- technology and manufacturing solutions. Towards this extent, our company has invested in a CAD workshop that is fully automated. We will continue to obtain the latest in the market to ensure that clients save money and time.
BTF ISO-9001-2008-JASANZ 2014 Revised Certificate
BTF ISO-14001-2004-JASANZ 2014 Revised Certificate
BTF ASNZS-4801-2001-JASANZ 2014 Revised Certificate

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